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Spiritual Recovery Coach Ministry is a Community for Christian Women searching for their truth. A truth that allows her to come alive in who GOD has predestined her to be. A predestined Identity founded in love, peace, and fulfillment. It is time to stop fighting for your identity and allowing GOD to bring out that which was created in the image of GOD. Genesis 1:27 “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

Spiritual Recovery Coach Ministry invites women of all ages to explore, elevate, and examine their self-worth, their passion, and their purpose in the Word of GOD by utilizing blog articles, videos, coaching sessions, books, and products that enable her to grow as she allows the Scriptures to become a living testimony in her daily life. GOD desires your relationship with Him not to be something hoped for but something you manifest daily.

My sister, GOD loves to bring revelation to you daily. Our Father’s desire that we go “from pieces to PEACE”. Live and be your best you ever! As we take hold that the Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE (Principle, Instruction, Empowerment). I’m so excited that you landed on this page, Welcome.

Psalm 4:8  “In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

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                      GOOD LISTENER

Do you need someone to just Listen.  Does everyday challenges seem to frustrate you or you want to blow off steam.

                     LIFE COACH

 Identifying areas of your life you feel you need help to release negativity, seek change, and embrace a renewed identity.



Spiritual Recovery Apparel  


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Work with a Coach

Stepping into our Divine Self. It’s time to step out of mindsets that are damaging. Together we will utilize the Word of GOD tools that foster positive change and evolve us into our GOD-designed Identity. Living a life “from Pieces to Peace”.

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Shop with Bola

Life is ever so busy, nevertheless you still want to do the Mandate of GOD. Sometimes it’s awkward to start that dialogue, Apparel are a conversational starter to help evangelize. Books & workbooks that focuses on freedom from various types of bondage.

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Bola Reads

The Word of GOD is sweet as P.I.E. By understanding the Principles of GOD develops us into following the Instructions of GOD then elevating us to being Empowered by GOD. The posts are fashioned to inspire operating in spiritual authority and earthly dominion.

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 Is COVID Pandemic the Source of Anger

Is COVID Pandemic the Source of Anger

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MOM  2021

MOM 2021. MOM a creation of GOD, Being a MOM is a special gift


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Spiritual Recovery Store.   Spiritual development and Guidance. Self-help and motivation books

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Wear the Word of the LORD