Hello, my is Bola Harding, currently residing in the Dallas TX area and I have a son.   I am a Christian and love talking about GOD, I have known GOD from a very young age.  For almost 40 years I ran from what GOD was calling me to,  I thought I had a better plan.  When I realized how depressed I was becoming in life, due to so many setbacks, I surrender and decided to try it GOD’s way.   On my journey, I am recovering my creativity, my worth and my voice.  Things the world took from me.  Society felt it had to right to write my story and create my identity.

When the scriptures tell us not to conform to this world, it has brought out a new understanding of life for me.   Society has these unspoken rules and processes that from birth it already has a roadmap that will determine your journey and level of success based on its predefined model.  Yes many break out of the mold and enter into a higher class but many more end up stuck.  When I began to obey GOD, I started uncovering the talented and gifted person He had called me to be.  When I say this, it's not to compare myself with anyone, because what GOD put in me is for me and I don’t have to prove or measure myself against anyone.  Who and what I am are value to so many people, this is why GOD created us to be used to help others along the way.   GOD gives us all a measure of influence.

There are obstacles/challenges that I must face even as I write this; I am having to stay with friends because I’m with a home,  I am jobless so finances are very tight, and living in America it is difficult to get around without a car especially where I am currently staying. The one thing I can truly say,  I have never felt a greater sense of peace and worth since my journey on the path GOD has intended for me.   I know the purpose in which I was created and I am learning to work out of my level of authority and I’m looking to GOD to define and approve me. I am no longer being limited based on what society thinks I am worth.

I am an Internal healing and cleansing coach,  I am and have written some books, I am a teacher using the word of GOD through a T-shirt line, blogging, and social media.  I am a motivator inspiring others to get to their next level, GOD-given potential.  These are the things GOD is bringing to my forefront, things that were deeply buried due to all the scars.  These are some of the things I am created to do and be. It is not up to society to tell me my worth, but it is up to me to be guided by Holy Spirit to uncover the royal and beauty that I am. I am a gift and you are a gift to the world from GOD.