Kingdom Living

Kingdom Living is about operating in our GOD-given gifts. Living by GOD’s Authority & Power is what we are to incorporate from the word of GOD.   GOD’s word is about Empowering His daughters to operate in her Purpose, Path, and Identity.  As transformation takes place, our Purpose because of much clearer. We begin to understand our whys and assignment here on earth.    When things become more clear in our purpose, then we find ourselves on the Path of the least resistance which begins to manifest a much more peaceful, fulfilling life. Now that we are traveling that Path, surprising enough we begin to formulate an Identity far greater than what we previously knew or could have Imagined.   Christian living is allowing our footsteps to be ordered by Holy Spirit  and it puts us at a level of joy.   It is time to go from “pieces to Peace”


doTerra Bergamot Essential Oils

doTerra Bergamot Essential Oil also known as Citrus bergamia.  Bergamot is found throughout the Mediterranean and is a tropical citrus ...
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Many time we rack our brains trying to figure out what is the issue with our finances.  We pray for ...
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5 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Moving Forward

Fear Fear keeps so many people stuck in a place that bothers their peace.   According to 2 Timothy 1:7 – ...
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Bergamot Essential Oils and your Emotions The Relation between Essential Oils and Emotions Breathing in odors causes signals to be ...
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Financial Breakthrough

When your financial blessings are on lockdown Definition Definition of breakthrough–  warfare: an offensive military assault that penetrates and carries ...
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Shame a Silent Killer

Exposing & Evicting Shame

Exposing & Evicting Shame is necessary for peace, clarity, and joy.  Shame is an unpleasant self-conscious emotion typically associated with ...
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Comforter, bringer of Joy in the midst of COVID-19

Comforter bringer of Joy in the midst of COVID-19

The Comforter bringer of Joy. The Lord is our comforter in the time of trouble. It is time to apply ...
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