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Welcome to Books by Bola .Wow, what a journey!!  Submission to Yehovah is a power step.   Writing was not something I saw myself doing, even though I had heard from a few I needed to write a book.   I was like what would I write about, my life? I don’t think so, I wanted to keep me to me.   This all came about while enrolled in Isaiah Institute,   my assignments were t to submit my coursework as published workbooks.   This was another major breakthrough, I was allowing myself to be judged or critiqued by others.   Yehovah used the assignments as a vehicle to empower me to break through and break out of the barriers and strongholds that kept me hidden, bound and insecure. I am walking in my purpose, not allowing others to define me.   My books are intended to help others begin to free themselves from chains that keep them trapped.   Thanks Dr. Cheri Moore.

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31-Day Bible study journal - Purple

31-Day Bible study journal - Purple

Unravel The Serpent of Procrastination


Sweet as Pie Bible Study Worksheet plus Prayer & Affirmation -Printable

How to study the Bible e-book

Making of a Master Procrastinator

Slothful Making of a Master Procrastinator