Outpour of Holy Spirit

Help is needed! Share your Holy Spirit Experience

Many of us know what it feels like to experience the presence of Holy Spirit.   However, there are a lot of individuals who have never experienced or are unsure of a Holy Spirit presence.

We know Holy Spirit manifests in different ways to different people. I thought it would be nice to help those who do know, have an idea of the presence of Holy Spirit.  By sharing how Holy Spirit revealing Himself in our lives, we are helping others experience the beautiful presence of Holy Spirit.  Let us make Holy Spirit be reality in as many lives as we can.

My goal is to compile a list of the various ways people experience Holy Spirit and make it available to people free of charge.

Leave a comment by sharing your experience of what it feels like. Imagine how many people lives can be touched when they read your experience.   We are blessed if we have experienced so let us be a blessing to someone.

Proverbs 11:25 The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

There is absolute no right or wrong way, please do not be shy, be a blessing to someone by sharing your experience.

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Comforter, bringer of Joy in the midst of COVID-19

Comforter bringer of Joy in the midst of COVID-19

The Comforter bringer of Joy. The Lord is our comforter in the time of trouble. It is time to apply the Word of GOD. 

Applying  :The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE (His Principle, His Instruction, His Empowerment)

Understanding the Word

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.”Psalm 94:19

Principle:              a Comforter

Instruction:          bringer of  Joy

Empowerment:   His ability to cause us to rise above anxiety

Today we are definitely in trying times.  Who would have thought this experience would happen in our lifetime.   We are trying to figure out who is to blame for all of this.  Who can we trust with the information being conveyed?   Overwhelming feelings are coming upon many.  How do we tame these feelings of anxiety?  There is no one solution to copying with this devastation.

However those who are believers of Christ or those looking for a shelter from the storm, I give & point you to the Christian Bible. Some call Him GOD or YEHOVAH, others know Him as Father, Friend, Lord.  Whichever we reference His name, He wants us to know as declared in Ps94:19  He is our comforter. Our Comforter bringer of joy.


Activating the Word

Throughout the Bible, it is mentioned that trials and tribulations will come, that we do not escape even as  Christians. However, those who seek and know Him, will understand  His desire to be our comforter and His will is to bring us internal joy. Not joy based on material or external things but a joy that assures that no matter the situation that we were created with a purpose one that needs to be fulfilled in the earth. Realizing this helps us look beyond our circumstances and begin to seek out and fulfill that which we are divinely called and destined to fulfill.   So take joy in knowing there is assignment heaven is waiting for you to fulfill.

slicing the Pie

The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE (Part 2)

Slicing the PIE

Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Purpose of Reading Scripture

GOD did not give us His word for just entertainment purpose or as a good read. He gave us His word as a means in which we can achieve an expected result.  Many of us have a misconception that GOD will for our lives will be boring and not beneficial.  We must change our thinking to understand that walking in His Word truly takes us “from pieces to Peace”.  Think about when you made decision from a place of peace versus making a decision out of anxiety, what was the overcome?   I have regrets when I made decisions from a place of peace, regardless how others felt about my decision.  When foundation are weak, anxiety rises.  A Spiritual foundation can give feelings of empowerment.

The purpose of this post is not to beat anyone up but to assist Christian women align with the word of GOD and apply it daily.  It is time to dispel all lies of the world that healthy spiritual living is boring and we must give up all our desire.  It is time to renew our minds, so that we can move into our next level of Christian living and spiritual growth.

When we put aside the hustle of today’s living and seeks those things that GOD desires for us through His Word, we uncover that there is a pathway to peace.  A peace that surpasses temporary gratification.  The next section we will explore are steps to how to understand what the scripture are saying to us.

Keys to Scripture Reading

There are keys to understanding scripture.  These keys create a renewing of the mind, aligning us with the word and will of GOD. We will look at one such keys.  Breaking down the scriptures is vital to spiritual growth.  As stated in the part 1 of this series, I received the phrase “the Word of GOD is as Sweet as Pie” download from Holy Spirit, because I asked after hearing someone with their own catch phrase.   The following will explain how to understand and apply scripture.

The word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE, is about breaking down the scriptures to get clarity to GOD’s desires for a better outcome in our daily living. This process assists us in better decision making capacity, lessen anxiety and live purpose filled lives. This process also aids in growth of our faith and trust in the GOD.     PIE is an acronym, it stand for His (GOD)




https://spiritualrecoverycoach.com/Apparel – as Sweet as PIE -men

GOD’s Principle

Titus 2:11–14

The Principle of GOD ensure that every Christian live a lifestyle in active pursuit to purity before GOD, and avoiding any distractions that keep us from a relationship with Him. Christ’s death allowed us to have a relationship with our heavenly Father.  GOD did not intend us to live separate of Him, but to be our guide.  His principles reveals the very purpose of human life, to know God, to learn to love and to serve Him faithfully. It also helps us have a peaceful relationship with others.  GOD’s principle bring about

  1. Unity
  2. Protection
  3. Cautions  us to guard our tongue, actions and thoughts from traps of the enemy

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The principle in Jeremiah 29:11 is GOD has a plan for each of us.

GOD’s Instructions

The purpose of GOD’s instruction is to guide us in every aspect of our lives.  His instructions give us value and moral compass. It teaches what is right.  In His word there are warnings  against things that may seems fun and exciting currently but the end result will bring harm, shame and guilt. The word gives strategies to face challenges.  The bible gives us examples of others who had similar encounters/experiences. There are benefits when we follow GOD’s instruction.

  1. Deepens our Faith
  2. Create a platform for miracles, signs and wanders
  3. Releases Authority and Dominion

Using scripture Jeremiah 29:11 the instructions are that GOD plans to prosper and not harm us.   When we follow the things of Him and obey and do His instructions it is for our good and it is not to punish or test for pass or fail grade. 

GOD’s Empowerment

Being empowered by GOD scriptures take us from level to level.

Since GOD is the creator of heaven and earth and below, we must see GOD has power that nothing else can trump.   As Christians, we know there are no other gods can do such wanders. As heirs, sons and daughter of the Most High GOD it is only natural to recognize that GOD desire that His children be empowered by His word.  Scripture also references about the power given to us from above as stated in LUKE 24:49. Many people are inspired and empowered when there is an understanding of GOD’s Principle and followed His Instructions, this is something GOD download daily if we allow Him.   

Using scripture Jeremiah 29:11 empowers to know GOD plans to give you hope and a future. GOD wants to fill us with power and authority.


Reading and getting understanding and applying scriptures puts us in a better place of authority, alignment and servitude with our Heavenly Omnipotence GOD.  It enables us to receive the flow of Grace, Favor, and Blessing from GOD Almighty.

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The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE (Part 1)

The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE

Taste and See

Bible Statistics

Here are a few statics on our Christian living and spiritual growth as it relates to the bible.   According to https://www.pewresearch.org  Christianity makes up about 31% of the 7.3 billion world populations.   Another study show that 4 in 10 Christians read the bible and only 1 in 4 turn to the Bible for guidance.

Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Why is the Bible so difficult to Read

There are many writing and teachings on how to read, study and memorize the bible.   People have come up with prayer journals, study guides you name it to assist Christians on digesting the scriptures, as stated in Deuteronomy 8:3.

If you are anything like me, I wandered how on earth do those people who have read the bible from cover to cover get through it?   Do they really understand it, or am I just not Christian or spiritual enough. In the past my attempts of reading the bible would put me to sleep.   This went on for years, eventually, I just gave up reading and the only scripture reading I got was in church.   I was filled with guilt and shame because I thought I was a bad Christian or letting GOD down.

https://spiritualrecoverycoach.com/Apparel – Sweet as PIE

Later I was made to realize I had the wrong lenses on when it came to scripture reading.   Education and belief systems have taught us to just get through it, being robotic about things in life.  We tend to do things out of obligation, not genuine relationships.  So our bond to a thing is not based on adoration, or of a heart matter, but solely from a place of requirement.  This is how many approach reading the Bible.

Many feel obligated to read the Bible.  Our bible reading does not touch the heart of GOD. He gave us the bible not to intimidate and obligate us out of fear or guilt but for us to have a desire to know and have a relationship with Him. He has given us commands but those all stem from His love to see us live healthier, wiser, more balanced, and fortified lives.   Understanding the bible takes a genuine desire to have a relationship with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, just as we desire genuine relationships with one another especially our spouses and children.  

Reading His Word inspires Christian living and spiritual growth but it also aligns up for the manifestation of His promises.  However promises are permitted by the giver not the receiver.   A lot of Christians try to control when and how a promise should be materialized. We try to master over GOD, taking lordship over the intent of the Word. When it doesn’t manifest how we want we now see the Word as non-essential or irrelevant.  This and the next two articles, I will explain the process of  attaining the Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE.  

Bible Knowledge

chart on how often Christians read the bible

 Looking at the numbers and chart we see that there is a great number of Christians but very minimal have regular engagement with the scriptures and the bible.  

Understanding scripture

It is imperative to realize memorizing the scriptures is not key to understanding the scriptures. There must be genuine relationship with the individual, the Father and Holy Spirit.  To understand scriptures moves an individual beyond self-perception and allow the Creator to reveal His intent.  Scripture understanding requires giving up control, and allowing Holy Spirit to bring us into truth.  It’s our nature to justify our actions, thoughts and words, this create a tainted perception, and we self-interpret the Word through beneficial reasoning and reject it when doesn’t fit our agenda.

Memorizing Scripture

We do need to memorize scripture but more importantly we must understand it.  Memorizing indicates our minds have capacity to retain information, however wisdom has the ability to comprehend and apply the knowledge.  

As Sweet as PIE

 “The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE” was given to me by Holy Spirit.  At the beginning of the month I would listen to DisciplesArise on Facebook.  Regine has  catch phrase the “Word of GOD is as easy as ABC”, and that is how  she breaks the scriptures down. I liked that phrase and asked for my very own and bam! just like that within 10 minutes GOD started downloading “The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE.  Explaining the PIE is an acronym standing for His Principle, Instruction and Empowerment.  It gives the ability to dissect the scriptures into the three components for clarity.  This process can be done with one or several scriptures. This procedure sanctions for biblical application in daily Christian walk.   The most important thing is partnering with Holy Spirit for interpretation and application.

Benefits of reading the bible daily

Listed below are a few benefit to reading the bible.

  1. GOD Will – We must be aware that there is a general Will of GOD for all believers. However, GOD has an personalized  will(plan) as stated in Jeremiah 29:11(NIV)
  2. It helps minimize the guess work on life’s journey.
  3. Open communication channels and guidance by Holy Spirit. It strengthen and  reminding us of His promises and it gives points of reference. 


Reading the bible can be a challenge, the application of the Word can be even more of challenge, don’t give up.  Be released from feeling s of guilt or shame. Instead of frustration allow Holy Spirit to take control and begin to minister.   Have a mindset change from relying on our ability and education to interpret scripture and permit Holy Spirit guidance.   The Word and its intent has nothing to do with our emotional feeling that is very unstable.  Partnering with Holy Spirit allows us to dissect His Word into His Principle, Instructions, and Empowerment.  Permit the bible to be an instructional manual to experience better Christian living and spiritual growth, go “from Pieces to Peace”.

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