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Coaching – Jasmine

Miss Bola changed my life and we completely turned everything around. She is like a second mother to me and was so kind and wise and truly listened to me. I felt heard and I was so appreciative for all of her assistance. I would not be where I am today without her.




GODLY insight and inspiration

It was such a blessing having Bola as a part of my group. Bola brought a wealth of encouragement and GODLY insight and inspiration to all of the ladies in our community. God really used her to breathe vision and hope into my life and business as she allowed herself to be used of GOD and speak his WORD over me. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Bolas life and business. She brings a Godly strength and confidence to those she serves.

Jill Albanys

Mon, Apr 20, 2020

Jill Albanys LLC Kingdom Coaching for Success

Grateful I am to have you as my spiritual coach!

My sweet sister in Christ!

It’s important to mention to you how grateful I am to have you as my spiritual coach! Time and time again your message has been loud and clear. But, My sense of hearing has been shut down.
As we reconnected after our last session we discussed the challenging times we were enduring. Honestly, I was discouraged, saddened by everything we shed light to.
Yet, you managed to speak truth to everything you said. Just like you always had. It was a difficult truth to hear, Bola. But -God finally allowed me to listen. God has gifted you with The notion to help us see our gifts.
It is important to mention how inspired I became after I was able to to discern your message. I feel motivated, excited and ready to be creative for my next professional adventure. Cause I feel ? and have faith it will be.
I thank God for the grace he has bestowed upon me even during  this difficult journey. God will never give you something you can not handle. I thank God for people like you that lift our spirit.
Continue your path Bola! When we get lost we need spiritual coaches like you to get us back on track!!

Praying for fruitful sessions always!!

In peace,

Sat 4/18/2020


It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to praise the services

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to praise the services that I received with Bola Harding during the one on one spiritual counseling sessions. I can’t express enough thanks for all the many hours and support that she dedicated to assisting me with my many issues. Not only did she achieve this in a spiritual arena, but she aided in mental and emotional areas as well. I can never thank her enough for being there for me when I needed her the most.

Bola helped me climb out of my depression hole that I never thought that I could escape. The grief counseling that she provided was a lifesaver in so many respects of the word. I had experienced relationship break-ups that almost ruined me. I had dealt with family trauma that depleted me. But Bola helped me through those crises in my life by merely speaking the truth in such a gentle way that I could only receive it in the same manner in which it was given. Her expertise and wisdom go beyond her years. She was always willing to pray with me at the end of every counseling session, and she was always flexible in rescheduling my appointments when needed.

Before I sought help, I prayed and asked God to send me someone faithful and wise, someone that was understanding and sympathetic to what I had been through in life, but most importantly someone that would not judge me or make me feel bad for the choices that I had made in my life. Bola was an answer to this prayer. I am so thankful that they are “real” people like her that are placed on earth to help people like me. My life is full of joy and peace now just because God sent a blessing like Bola Harding my way.

In the time we serve on this earth, we all will encounter pain and true trauma over time, and within this life, we never possess the skills or learn how to deal with any of the hardships that we experience. I personally had many issues, and it was not until I allowed Bola to counsel me, and we decided it was time to do something about it. She supported me in the trials of learning a lot about myself, and that’s when I found out that my spirit needed cleansing and healing. It was Bola that assured me that God loved me, and not only did she want me to heal, my Father did as well.

Bola got me through a challenging time and helped me to deal with it. Thanks to her knowledge and the gift that she received from God; I feel very confident that I can now deal with anything that comes along from this day forward. I’m pleased that I was able to utilize her gifts and that she was able to help me move forward. I recommend this Lady to any and everyone!!!!




I appreciate her ability to listen and discern my issues

I have known Bola over thirty years.  I have kept her updated with my
Personal Challenges.. many of time, just sharing what’s going on in my lifes.. specially with my children, then husband and job.. I  appreciate her ability to listen and discern my issues and present them in such a way – I can see my issues in a different perspective and with better understanding.. matter of fact, I have another issue that led me to seek counseling that I never would thought I need to seek help in..
I very much appreciate Bola’s genuine and generous commitment to support me emotionally and mentally.. I  have no other friends that’s so freely give of herself


Mon 6/17/2019