Grateful I am to have you as my spiritual coach!

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My sweet sister in Christ!

It’s important to mention to you how grateful I am to have you as my spiritual coach! Time and time again your message has been loud and clear. But, My sense of hearing has been shut down.
As we reconnected after our last session we discussed the challenging times we were enduring. Honestly, I was discouraged, saddened by everything we shed light to.
Yet, you managed to speak truth to everything you said. Just like you always had. It was a difficult truth to hear, Bola. But -God finally allowed me to listen. God has gifted you with The notion to help us see our gifts.
It is important to mention how inspired I became after I was able to to discern your message. I feel motivated, excited and ready to be creative for my next professional adventure. Cause I feel ? and have faith it will be.
I thank God for the grace he has bestowed upon me even during  this difficult journey. God will never give you something you can not handle. I thank God for people like you that lift our spirit.
Continue your path Bola! When we get lost we need spiritual coaches like you to get us back on track!!

Praying for fruitful sessions always!!

In peace,

Sat 4/18/2020

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