slicing the Pie

The Word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE (Part 2)

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Slicing the PIE

Psalm 34:8 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Purpose of Reading Scripture

GOD did not give us His word for just entertainment purpose or as a good read. He gave us His word as a means in which we can achieve an expected result.  Many of us have a misconception that GOD will for our lives will be boring and not beneficial.  We must change our thinking to understand that walking in His Word truly takes us “from pieces to Peace”.  Think about when you made decision from a place of peace versus making a decision out of anxiety, what was the overcome?   I have regrets when I made decisions from a place of peace, regardless how others felt about my decision.  When foundation are weak, anxiety rises.  A Spiritual foundation can give feelings of empowerment.

The purpose of this post is not to beat anyone up but to assist Christian women align with the word of GOD and apply it daily.  It is time to dispel all lies of the world that healthy spiritual living is boring and we must give up all our desire.  It is time to renew our minds, so that we can move into our next level of Christian living and spiritual growth.

When we put aside the hustle of today’s living and seeks those things that GOD desires for us through His Word, we uncover that there is a pathway to peace.  A peace that surpasses temporary gratification.  The next section we will explore are steps to how to understand what the scripture are saying to us.

Keys to Scripture Reading

There are keys to understanding scripture.  These keys create a renewing of the mind, aligning us with the word and will of GOD. We will look at one such keys.  Breaking down the scriptures is vital to spiritual growth.  As stated in the part 1 of this series, I received the phrase “the Word of GOD is as Sweet as Pie” download from Holy Spirit, because I asked after hearing someone with their own catch phrase.   The following will explain how to understand and apply scripture.

The word of GOD is as Sweet as PIE, is about breaking down the scriptures to get clarity to GOD’s desires for a better outcome in our daily living. This process assists us in better decision making capacity, lessen anxiety and live purpose filled lives. This process also aids in growth of our faith and trust in the GOD.     PIE is an acronym, it stand for His (GOD)



Empowerment – as Sweet as PIE -men

GOD’s Principle

Titus 2:11–14

The Principle of GOD ensure that every Christian live a lifestyle in active pursuit to purity before GOD, and avoiding any distractions that keep us from a relationship with Him. Christ’s death allowed us to have a relationship with our heavenly Father.  GOD did not intend us to live separate of Him, but to be our guide.  His principles reveals the very purpose of human life, to know God, to learn to love and to serve Him faithfully. It also helps us have a peaceful relationship with others.  GOD’s principle bring about

  1. Unity
  2. Protection
  3. Cautions  us to guard our tongue, actions and thoughts from traps of the enemy

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

The principle in Jeremiah 29:11 is GOD has a plan for each of us.

GOD’s Instructions

The purpose of GOD’s instruction is to guide us in every aspect of our lives.  His instructions give us value and moral compass. It teaches what is right.  In His word there are warnings  against things that may seems fun and exciting currently but the end result will bring harm, shame and guilt. The word gives strategies to face challenges.  The bible gives us examples of others who had similar encounters/experiences. There are benefits when we follow GOD’s instruction.

  1. Deepens our Faith
  2. Create a platform for miracles, signs and wanders
  3. Releases Authority and Dominion

Using scripture Jeremiah 29:11 the instructions are that GOD plans to prosper and not harm us.   When we follow the things of Him and obey and do His instructions it is for our good and it is not to punish or test for pass or fail grade. 

GOD’s Empowerment

Being empowered by GOD scriptures take us from level to level.

Since GOD is the creator of heaven and earth and below, we must see GOD has power that nothing else can trump.   As Christians, we know there are no other gods can do such wanders. As heirs, sons and daughter of the Most High GOD it is only natural to recognize that GOD desire that His children be empowered by His word.  Scripture also references about the power given to us from above as stated in LUKE 24:49. Many people are inspired and empowered when there is an understanding of GOD’s Principle and followed His Instructions, this is something GOD download daily if we allow Him.   

Using scripture Jeremiah 29:11 empowers to know GOD plans to give you hope and a future. GOD wants to fill us with power and authority.

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Reading and getting understanding and applying scriptures puts us in a better place of authority, alignment and servitude with our Heavenly Omnipotence GOD.  It enables us to receive the flow of Grace, Favor, and Blessing from GOD Almighty.

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